A national consulting firm specializing in managed care for workers’ compensation, group health and auto, and health care cost containment. We serve insurers, employers and health care providers.


Developing a successful managed care program is like mastering chess, a game in which a series of decisive, logical moves – driven by experience, analysis and insight - lead to victory. In both, you must move. Or concede defeat. Health Strategy Associates helps clients make the right moves.

We draw on continuous industry analysis, practical experience, a keen understanding of economic indicators in our client interactions. We step into your corporate culture without being bogged down by its traditions and can listen to your business issues. No bias, just an objective, clean-slate approach.

With expertise in all phases of management, we fully understand both the fast pace and often uncertain direction of the health care field. We understand that even the most resourceful leaders need discreet, reliable counsel. And we understand that you have no time and even less budget, for lengthy academic exercises. Health Strategy Associates delivers immediate, useful information and practical tactics that fit your business needs.

Health Strategy Associates helps you make the most of every move. For an initial consultation, contact us.