Rising Temps, Rising Risks – Climate Change & Comp

National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference

Protecting Workers and Employers from the Impact of Climate Change 

Joe Paduda will moderate this ground-breaking session on climate change and comp featuring Jeff Rush of the California JPIA and Jill Leonard with Louisiana Workers Compensation Corp. (LWCC).  These experts will share their experiences with hurricanes, floods, high winds, wildfires, and extreme heat.

There’s dealing with the crisis itself, of course, but other risks abide in the aftermath. First responders and construction workers during recovery phases face injuries. What if impassable roads prevent injured employees from accessing care or your firefighter is seriously injured far from home?

Then, there are steadily rising temperatures that have caused heat-related illnesses. This type of risk requires a different approach.

Joe will interview Jill and Jeff on risk assessment and management strategies and invite audience members to share their solutions.

Don’t miss this session at the National Work Comp Conference, Oct. 19-21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.